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Mistakes Students Make As Told By Our Experts

Personal statement essays can be written in one go – only if you’re a born professional. Like every other writing, it the skill to write a good personal statement takes time, which most students don’t realize. For that reason, these latecomers suffer at the hands of amateur writing services.

Even if you start writing your own piece, there are chances that you’ll commit invisible mistakes. You need someone who can take care of your personal writing for you. Our experts are the best guides. For years in our service, these professional individuals have delivered unique personal statements every time. No repetition or exact match from any online source.

Here is how they share their thoughts on where students go wrong.

Pitfalls can happen, but what good are we if we can’t help you? We save you from the most critical and deadly mistakes for your personal statement by giving you the best examples and samples from our writers.

  • Stiff and plastic writing about what you think a college authority would like to hear
  • Not engaging the reader via lengthy and boring details
  • Improper formatting of application
  • Being vague about why you’re suitable for the admission/scholarship
  • Being redundant and repetitive
  • Not reading the personal statement thoroughly and out loud

To Write And How To Write? A Personal Dilemma

It’s true. Students aiming for higher studies face this challenge once in a lifetime. Maybe it’s them or maybe the guidelines and the requirements are a bit too rigid. Writing a personal statement – whether be it for college admission or scholarship – is a demanding task. You’re in your high school years wondering about what your statement for university will look like. At this point, it’s more than just academics; you’re getting personally involved now.

But we won’t let your personality hide in the dark in front of the college authorities. Our special personal statement writing service reaches far beyond any other to throw the light of brilliance over you. With us, it’s a guarantee that you’ll receive the golden ticket to your dream medical or nursing school.

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Dollar 6 Essays service has always stood on the trust of the students who confided in us with their writing assignments. From school-going students to research candidates, our services know no bounds. With each order, we take extra care because each student placing an order with us deserves to be treated well.

We understand the importance this personal statement holds for you, especially when you are detailing your academics entwined with your personal life. We’d do anything to make it the best you and your to-be college committee might have witnessed. And we’d do it by making our upper class service easy to avail for students of all kinds.

Still doubting? Let us walk you through the process of how our writers write your next-level statement.

  • Your details are crucial to proceed. You must deliver any type of information to our writers that you think can contribute to your university application.
  • Our writers go through each detail and organize it to form a rough outline.
  • With the guidelines and rules intact, they will match your personal description with the reasons for studying or interest in a course, your position as the ideal candidate, the relevance of your studies, your hobbies, skills, and other work experiences.
  • With the perfect word choice and easy-to-understand language, they will work your paper up to the point no mistake or error is evident to them.
  • They will keep polishing and editing to showcase your image as an optimistic candidate.
  • So far, our writers have excelled in personal statement writing for various subjects, such as nursing, teaching, social work and so on.
  • After the Q/A checks show the green light, we will forward the statement to the client for preview and feedback.

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If you need a personal statement for a university, just ask for it. Need one for a good medical school? Ring us! We’re open 24/7 to receive your orders and deliver them in due time, because we’re the humblest service you’ll come across. The way we highlight our guarantees is only due to our transparency and solidity of our services. Below are the guarantees that will stay true every time – from placing an order to receiving it.

Due-Date Delivery

No matter how urgently you require your personal statement, we will make sure it is delivered in due time or even before that.

24/7 Assistance

Once an order is placed, you will receive a personal account benefit of connecting with the writer and the customer support 24/7. You’ll never have to lose track of the progress of your personal statement.

Revision and Refund

We take it. If your order isn’t delivered with the error-free polished glow, we’ll revise it multiple times or until you’re satisfied. In case you’re not convinced, the most we can do is offer a 100% refund.

Minimum Plagiarism

We’re an anti-plagiarism service that doesn’t tolerate copy-paste at its least.


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