Frequently Asked Questions

People Also Ask… Frequently Asked Questions

Questions. We get them thrown at us all the time. Not because our authenticity is questionable, but because removing your doubts about our service is necessary. By answering the most popular questions regarding our service, we'd like to resolve issues that keep bothering you.

How is your service different from the rest?

Divine Essay is a service that is wholly dedicated to letting the students enjoy some quality custom papers. We aren't just in for the money; we care about the way you deal with a student's bucket load of stress. We make sure all of the details of your essay are checked and followed thoroughly.

Is buying essays online safe?

The hottest question on the internet. Students like yourself ask themselves and the services the same question – if it's safe to buy essays online. A service that is supported by the pillars of customer satisfaction and personal security (that's us!) will never jeopardize the property of their valuable customers. Despite the rumors, we'd say it's safe unless the service to buy the essay is trustworthy and reliable.

Is it illegal to write an essay for someone else?

No, writing for someone else is NOT illegal. As per our company regulations, we help the students who have time shortage or require assistance with complex topics. The students pay for their essay, which makes it their property. After they have purchased the paper, there isn't any conflict of interest.

What is the lowest and highest qualification of your writers?

We hire writers with a minimum Bachelors' degree and Ph.D. experts for maximum qualified writers. However, degrees aren't the only requirement to qualify our strict criteria. We get 100+ writer applications every month, from which only 15% qualify as we only hire impeccable writers.

How do you manage to meet deadlines?

Deadlines aren't fast when we know how to catch the bullets. Anyone can work on deadlines of an assignment due in 2 weeks. We can work on urgent deadlines with uncompromised quality of writing.

What is your zero-plagiarism policy?

The acceptable percentage of plagiarism for Turnitin is 15%, below which the text is not considered plagiarized. While some statistics, quotes, and facts can count as copied content, we try to keep the percentage below 10%. If your requirements call for stricter measures, we use our in-house system to detect and eliminate plagiarism, spin content, and paraphrasing to improve the quality of writing.

What will become of my personal information when I don't use the service anymore?

Your personal information will remain safe and secure in our customer database whether or not you use our services again. No breach to your personal information will occur as our services are secure from end to end, and there is no way third-party data theft can happen.

What if the writers didn't produce work as I wanted?

This is where revisions come in handy. You can have your essay or paper revised multiple times for free. But if the writer still falls short of tapping into your instructions, you can ask for another writer at the initial stage of the writing process or submit a refund request. We'll do everything to make it up to you.

Can I contact you anytime?

Why not?! We're open 24/7 and will respond to your call any moment. You can contact us via phone, email, or even an instant messaging option on your account dashboard. Our customer service is readily available to help you out with any issue.